Types Of Baldness And Ways To Avoid It Using The Herbal Hair Treatment

Hair loss is one of the major problems that affect the lifestyle of many individuals throughout the world. There are a lot of reasons that can cause baldness. Biological factors, Unhealthy lifestyle and poor intake of nutrients can trigger baldness in many cases. In scientific term baldness or hair loss is also known as alopecia. A lot of products are available in the market that claims to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair. A large number of these products are chemical in nature. However, we suggest you stick to herbal hair treatment for hair loss prevention and control. The ayurvedic medicine for hair growth that we provide is capable of reducing hair loss extensively. Let us have a look at some of the major types of baldness and also discuss in brief the solution to it using herbal hair care solutions.

  • Involutional alopecia
  • It is a natural condition where the hair gradually thins with age. A large proportion of hair follicles go in the resting phase and the remaining hair becomes fewer in number. Thereby the volume of the hair decreases.
  • Telogen effluvium
  • It is a temporary form of hair thinning over the scalp due to the changes in the growth cycle of the hair. This issue resolves with time on its own.hair growth capsule
  • Alopecia areata
  • It is a common condition found in children and young adults. It results in patchy hair loss a can lead to complete baldness in worst cases.
  • Scarring alopecias
  • Inflammation of skin such as folliculitis, acne can result in scars that destroy the ability of hair to regenerate in that specific area. This condition is termed as scarring alopecias.

Male pattern baldness can be triggered due to genetic causes. It becomes essential to take proper care of the hair to avoid hair loss. Chemical conditioners and shampoos should be avoided because of their harmful side effects. Mastani hair care has got amazing natural hair products that have zero side effects. These products are safe to use. All of our Ayurvedic products are formulated under the guidance of our ayurvedic expert Dr.V.V.Tayade. you can also opt for Free Online Consultation provided by us to get rid of all your doubts and queries regarding our products.

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