Mastani Hair Oil- The Perfect Herbal Hair Product To Use After Coloring Your Hair

herbal hair product

Rainbow, Pastel pink, Rose gold, Lavender, Icy-white, Periwinkle Blue. Isn’t it fun playing with your hair? We understand! We all love to color our hair as it makes us stand out from the normal crowd! But you do know the harsh effects of the bleach and coloring of hair. The hair becomes dry and it starts to look frizzy and rough. But do not panic! We have got a solution for you that you must resort to before you sacrifice your hair to chemical filled hair colors. Mastani Haircare has introduced a No.1 Herbal Hair Product which will solve your hair issues gradually.

Dyeing your hair is very harmful as it has to break the natural barriers to get through the hair and make the temporary changes in the hair color. It has to get through the hair’s natural protection, the Cuticle which damages the hair shaft by making it lose the natural color of the hair.

herbal hair product

How to check if your hair is damaged due to the dye?

  • Rough texture:  Hold your hair upside down and move your fingers through your hair gently till the tip, if the tip of your hair feels rough then it is damaged.
  • Loss of shine:  People lose the shiny natural look of their hair if their hair is damaged.
  • Lack of moisture: If the hair doesn’t get conditioned every after trying many products then the moisture in it is lost completely.
  • Extreme breakage:  Just combing or running your fingers through your hair shaft makes you lose many hair strands.
  • Too many Tangles:  The damaged hair gets tangled up easily and ends up in dreadlocks or knots. The dryness of the hair makes it hard to untangle it and results in breakage of the hair.

Restoring the dry hair in the salon damages it further because they usually stick to the use of chemical products in the treatments too. So avoid going for chemical treatments and choose natural treatment. Mastani Hair oil consists of various natural herbs and is free of harsh chemicals. It will work as a protective barrier around the cuticles and nourish the hair from within.  Apply this oil daily for 2 hours before shampooing as it has the penetrative properties of the natural ingredients which keep the hair nourished and healthy.

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