Get a Clean And Dandruff Free Scalp With Mastani Anti-Dandruff Lotion!!

Dandruff is caused due to the excess sebum which is secreted by the follicles which leads to an excessively oily scalp. This oily and sticky scalp attracts the dirt and all the impurities from the environment. Keeping away the dirt and excess oil which is on the scalp even after shampooing is difficult. Dandruff gives rise to itching which later causes a blockage on the scalp and causes major problems such as rashes, pimples or any kind of irritation.

50% population in the world suffers from the problem of dandruff and the embarrassing flakes on top of the scalp and hair. Let’s solve this problem by using the right natural dandruff treatment and have a clean, fresh and a problem free scalp. Let’s read out Ashima’s story and her treatment to solve her dandruff problem.

Ashima 25-year-old girl who stays in Bangalore is an air hostess. She has just completed 5 months with a leading airline company. Though she loved her profession, she remained depressed due to her dandruff problems. It was manageable until the time she starting hearing comments from people around her. It was easily noticeable as Ashima had black and navy blue colored dress code during work. She shared this problem with her aunt who recommended her Mastani anti-dandruff lotion- hair product for natural hair. She couldn’t believe the change she witnessed. Within a week her dandruff reduced to 90% and her scalp stopped itching as well. Now she is as focused on her job as she was at the start.

Time to say goodbye to your dandruff problems with Mastani anti-dandruff lotion.  

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